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CV VC Top 50 Report H2/2020

record growth in crypto valley

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Key Data from the CV VC Top 50 Report - H2/2020:


  • Crypto Valley Top 50 companies are valued at $254.9B in total.
  • Total Funding of the Top 50 companies reached $3.7B.
  • Total number of firms in Crypto Valley is 960.
  • Total employment by blockchain companies in Crypto Valley, which includes Switzerland and Liechtenstein, increased to 5,184. The Top 50 companies employ 819 employees in Crypto Valley.
  • Cryptomarkets continued a dramatic rise at the beginning of 2021, and the valuation of the Crypto Valley Top 50 increased 680% to $254.9B from $37.5B (previous report).  
  • Crypto Valley now counts 11 Unicorns (i.e. projects valued at more than $1B,) up from 6 in the previous report: Ethereum ($157.2B), Cardano ($40.6B), Polkadot ($29.3B), Aave ($3.9B), Cosmos ($3.8B), Solana ($3.3B), Tezos ($2.6B), Dfinity ($2B), Near ($1.1B), Nexo ($1.1B), and Diem ($1B).
  • Solana, 21Shares, SwissBorg, Curve Financial, Oxygen, Enzyme, and have been added to the list of the Crypto Valley Top 50.

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