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Switzerland has been a country leading in innovation for decades across many sectors from healthcare and industrial innovations to food and consumer goods. In 1989 the World Wide Web has been developed by a team of researchers at CERN in Geneva. Thirty years later there is however no Swiss-based or even European-based Internet company of global scale. 
Today Switzerland is at the forefront of working on another technological frontier: blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is currently estimated to have a 3 trillion market potential by 2030 and has the potential to impact many industries significantly. 


CV VC wants to champion this next generation of startups. We do this through the strategic placement of early-stage capital in combination with creating an ecosystem - through our own co-working spaces, advisory activities and events – enabling blockchain startups to flourish.

Investment Thesis

CV VC is an early-stage venture capital investor with a focus on startups that build on blockchain technology. We believe blockchain technology will become a catalyst for the next technological revolution, alongside AI, machine learning and automation, as well as IoT.


Whilst the space is still young and developing, CV VC considers the current dynamics in the industry as an attractive opportunity to create value for investors by executing a diversified and systematic strategy of early-stage investing in startups that use blockchain in their technology stack.
For investors seeking exposure in this emerging economy, portfolio diversification will be critical, alongside potential exposure to key digital assets.

Investment Model

We create value by investing in early-stage companies and creating an ecosystem that allows founders to flourish. We focus on pre-Seed investments as well as Seed/Series A investment targets. For our early pre-seed investments we have developed our own 12-week incubation program specifically tailored to blockchain startups.


CV VC seeks to generate a superior proposition for all stakeholders by taking a community-first approach to our business. This means strategically deploying capital, but also offering advisory services, startup competitions, event series, and coworking spaces.


CV VC is committed to finding the most promising entrepreneurs working on game-changing business ideas using blockchain as the underlying technology. It is blockchain, along with AI and IoT technologies, that will usher in a paradigm shift in technology. CV VC believes blockchain will act as the fundamental thread tying all these technologies together.

Investment focus


Startups using blockchain as the underlying technology, decentralized applications (dApps), and layer 2 applications (i.e., Lightning Network, Plasma).


Our preferred route to investment is through equity either direct or through mandatory convertible structures, but we may also explore digital securities for the right opportunity (token investments in combination with equity possible).


We focus on B2B and B2C business models and are sector, industry (excluding gambling), and blockchain technology stack-agnostic.



In order to qualify for investment, the startups undergo a selection process
by our Investment Committee. This committee meets monthly and makes the final decision on the size, timing, and structure of the investment. The main criteria that lead to a positive investment decision are: 


  1. Team (composition, quality, relevant experience) 
  2. Idea 
  3. Market (timing, potential, demand, competition) 
  4. Traction (stage and speed, proof of concept, product, user, turnover) 
  5. Technology 

Startups that qualify for our incubation program in Zug can receive up to $125,000 total investment (up to $100,000 in cash + $25,000 in-kind incubation package) in return for 10% of equity. We look to invest in 10 – 20 startups per incubation batch.


Deal-by-deal selected investment opportunities & follow-ons from Incubation.

We focus on early-stage investments: Seed, Pre-A and A and currently our ticket size can range from $50,000 – $500,000.

We also look into team diversity, ecosystem quality, execution power, individual openness, and the amount of each founder´s ‘skin in the game.’


The Investment Committee determines the general portfolio strategy and appoints the Review Committee. The Review Committee is responsible for the «short list review» of the best incubation candidates (see figure above) but can also be consulted for other investment decisions regarding industry, technology or other specialist expertise. 


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