Decentralized payment gateway for business owners


Entrepreneurs and business owners often face a time-consuming and complicated process when trying to start a new online business. With Xion, you can simply skip this business scrutiny that comes with it. The Xion platform caters to merchants by helping them to manage customers, subscriptions, and sales, with minimal effort to sign up and using only two lines of code. Further, it provides a fully customizable self-hosted checkout button for e-commerce shops with a built-in, flexible, out-of-the-box rewards system. Xion also has a DeFi component allowing merchants to put their funds to work instead of withdrawing them. Blockchain facilitates the solution by giving business owners a key vault, secure login, and token wallet to broaden digital asset usage in a secure and easy way. Xion has been made available on Chrome Store and the team has built successful partnerships in both the Banking and Marketing sectors.

Incorporation USA
Founders Ronan Quarmby, Aeryn Quarmby, Brent McMahon-Panther
Other investors KiwiTech
Blockchain DeFi, secure login & wallet to business owners




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