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wild cards

Always for sale digital conservation tokens


Earth is currently facing the largest mass extinction in human history and solutions to this problem are not moving fast enough forward. For instance, wildlife conservation is based on a donation-only model which lacks incentives for it to take off on a larger scale. Usually, contributions are made once and are quickly forgotten. Wildcards allow individuals to transparently and easily ‘adopt’ an endangered animal and contribute to sustainability through a fun and engaging platform. The platform is a highly liquid NFT marketplace where users trade crypto-collectibles and are required to set a sale price directly, creating uniquely ”always-for-sale” NFT collectibles that give rise to profit incentives for the owner. The collectibles are stored on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens that leverage smart contracts to make them always-for-sale. Wildcards have been awarded various prizes for their innovation and currently have several hundred users per month. 


Incorporation SUI
Founders Denham Preen, Jason Smythe, Jonathan Clark & Sean Markham
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Collectibles stored on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens