Bringing security to any email inbox


E-mail is convenient, widely used, but severely flawed. It is the number one channel for spam, phishing, and malware. Creating a trust layer to established communication tools is crucial in an increasingly interconnected world, where the digital identity is more and more inseparable from the real one. Vereign is here to secure the world’s largest identity network. Vereign enables people to own their own digital identity by making sure all parties know who sent the email and getting the content securely signed. The team is using blockchain technology to protect email identities from misuse and manipulation. Vereign can add a layer of security to any existing email infrastructure and is currently successfully implemented by key players in both the public and private sectors. 


Incorporation SUI
Founders Claus Bressmer, Felix Greve, Georg Greve & Gonpo Tsering
Other investors Totemo, Gonpo Tsering
Blockchain Protection of identities & timestamping