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Bringing transparency into the wine industry


The wine industry may look authentic from the outside, but fake wine sales account for over 20% of the global wine industry. Wineries have the option to sell directly to clients to gain credibility and to make higher margins, but there is a lack of customer sales channels. Vault Wines incorporates wine D2C e-commerce and blockchain-based software and creates a solution that authenticates the entire wine supply chain. The software also helps farmers manage their sales and collects data for analytics purposes. The solution is developed for wine lovers who also have a strong sense of social responsibility, and want to make sure they contribute to a better world. The Georgian team has strong connections to the wine industry through their closest families and has already onboarded three successful wineries in their home country, accounting for 20% of the entire Georgian wine market sales. 

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Incorporation GEO
Founders Aleksander Chkhaidze, Ana Mirianashvili & Tornike Phanjavidze
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Supply chain track & trace

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