Enables users to create their own insurance products together


The finance & insurance industry is slow, expensive, and generally old-fashioned. Overall, it is clear that the industry does not have a great standing in the public eye. Tezsure is building DeFi applications on Tezos. Later on, they are establishing an insurance marketplace. Users are able to create new insurance products as a group and can earn Tezscore for honest behavior, introduce new users, or creating new products. The team aims to utilize the power of AI and blockchain to reinvent insurance to its original form – by people, for people. The use of smart contracts helps to automate parts of the insurance process and remove additional operational costs. The team is based in the U.S. and has 200 letters of intent in place.    


Incorporation USA
Founders Bernd Oostrum, Om Malviya & Chaitanya Hiremath
Other investors Draper University Ventures, Draper Associates
Blockchain Decentralized Finance applications