Source, manage, and operate remote teams & projects on a single, trusted platform


In today’s business world, advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence have led automation to accelerate rapidly. Business owners face two choices: Extinction, or Evolution. Undoubtedly, every company needs to invest in new technology to survive. But the technical product development process is complex and is lacking in transparency. Sprinter provides businesses with instant access to the talent and tools required to build, grow, and scale their operation. They combine powerful software and a global partner network to give companies confidence, transparency, and control over their technology budget. Their platform uses a proprietary smart contract mechanism to provide transacting parties with reduced friction, managed risk, and increased transparency. Sprinter currently has more than 300 available network members through active partnerships.

Incorporation USA
Founders Alex Ford-Carther & Brian Shields
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Smart contract escrow & payout





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