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Making impact investing transparent and verifiable


Accelerating impact investing is critical for the challenges the world is facing. However, a large proportion of funds are invested into a ”black box”, where outcomes are unclear and no guarantee that the capital is coming to use. Proof of Impact is a data intelligence platform that makes impact data accessible to maximize return on investment. Proof of Impact will help impact investors transform static impact data reporting into a cost-effective, real-time, dynamic digital solution. Proof of Impact is on a mission to make impact data accessible and measurable both for investors and impact providers. They use blockchain technology for verification and increased transparency. Proof of Impact is currently in partnership with financial institutions and impact providers to launch their products with support from leaders in the field.

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Incorporation USA
Founder Fleur Heyns
Other investors Franklin Templeton, Ausum VC, Pangea Blockchain Fund
Blockchain Protection of identities & timestamping

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