Web platform to accelerate science


Science has far-reaching implications for society, which is why the quality control process, known as ‘peer review’, is of high importance. However, the scientific validation process is awfully ineffective. The process is slow and centralized, and there are no incentives for academics and researchers to evaluate the quality of articles. Orvium aims to improve the scientific validation process and reduce publication time. Scientists are connected through a web platform and can work together to streamline the process of scientific publishing. The platform offers decentralized peer reviews which effectively reduces publication time, where all the activity is stored on the blockchain for full traceability. The Estonian company is ready to take on the world, and has already partnered up with a U.S. publisher and CERN, has a Spanish subsidiary incorporated, and is an official CERN spin-off.


Incorporation EST
Founders Manuel Martin, Antonio Romero & Roberto Rabasaco
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Timestamping & decentralized publishing




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