Protecting the future of money


As digital assets gain more acceptance and usage, the industry is facing a rapid rise in cyber thefts. Corporations and banks need to find a way to offer bulletproof storage for their customers to answer the increasing demand. GK8 aims to support financial institutions' digital transformation of traditional assets to blockchain-based digital assets by providing them with building blocks for future blockchain initiatives. GK8 combines an ultra cold storage solution that does not need any connection to the internet with a hot MPCsolution, which effectively creates the markets’ most securecustodian technology solution. GK8 currently has some of the top trading and brokerage companies in the crypto space as their customers, who combined have more than 1 billion dollars as assets under management.  

Incorporation ISR

Lior Lamesh & Shahar Shamai

Other investors

IN Venture, Eden Block, Marius Nacht


Digital assets storage provider