The modern way to store crypto assets


Nowadays, purchasing cryptocurrency often puts you in an ultimatum of choosing either security or convenience. Non-custodial wallets are tough to use and primarily focus on traders and crypto-enthusiasts. On the other side of the spectrum, with a custodial wallet, you are giving away your key ownership. Geon offers a non-custodial wallet that targets the ”average Joe”. The solution has simple features focusing on saving, making it easy for anyone to buy, store and save crypto assets. The Geon wallet also includes a geolocation feature where users can find crypto ATMs and businesses that accepts cryptocurrencies as payment. Geon has recently gone through a pivot where the need for an easy, non-custodial wallet was observed among their users. Their previous version of the app for geolocation based marketing & collectibles had been downloaded over 250’000 times and had been rated the most popular dApp in the world.


Incorporation POL
Founders Robert Radek, Aleksander Debski & Peter Budkowski
Other investors Data Ventures
Blockchain Non-custodial wallet & Geostamping

Geon (2).png