The next-generation software development and collaboration platform


In a digital economy, enterprises must compete through faster innovation and the delivery of high-quality software to satisfy their end-users' needs. At the same time, organizations must reconcile the competing concerns of enhanced quality, improved responsiveness to business demands, and optimizing budgets. This often gets them into problems of poor governance, bad code quality, and lack of proper code reviews. DitCraft has built a software development platform that enables clients to reach (Open Source) software excellence with the wisdom and support of experts. They disrupt the outdated development cycle by leveraging the power of the community to contribute to projects. Blockchain is used to incentivize voters with tokens, following principles of game-theory and motivational research, resulting in increasing governance power. The main target users of DitCraft are Open Source software projects..


Incorporation GER
Founders Marvin Kruse, Sebastian Gajek & Yannik Goldgräbe
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Smart contracts for review process & incentives




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