Mobile crypto wallet app with hardware levels of security


Current cryptocurrency storage solutions reflect an issue of imbalance between security and usability, where one has to be comprised for the other. In addition, no truly safe and convenient method of storing cryptocurrencies has existed until now. BitFreezer offers an app where users can store private keys offline, enjoy a safe connection to the private keys, and benefit from an intuitive and simple UX/UI. The team has also expanded user experience into other fintech areas such as payment and exchange of cryptocurrencies. Currently, they have sold over a thousand hardware wallets and several thousand downloads of the app have been made so far. BitFreezer is here to provide the right instrument for the next bull run in the crypto market.


Incorporation USA

Lifanov Georgiy, Maksymilian Lisin, Herman Tiutiunyk,

Nick Lisin & Chris Beneyto

Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Cryptocurrency storage

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