Securing over-the-air updates for IoT vendors


The importance of cybersecurity is increasing at a fast pace. IoT solutions are especially fragile as they often are unpatched and lose security during their lifetime operation. Vendors and operators of IoT devices are forced to ensure safety during necessary updates, but current solutions for secure operations are too expensive. Asvin is an infrastructure and service provider for helping IoT businesses with safe and secure Over-The-Air updates of their devices. They offer a seamless implementation, transparent pricing, and substantially lower cyber risk. Blockchain ensures the security aspect by incorporating DLT and device IDs in the solution. The Germany-based team has gained several awards and prizes and has already launched various industrial pilots with companies (BD, Minol, Zeiss, and OdinS).


Incorporation GER
Founders Mirko Ross & Sven Rahlfs 
Other investors Minol-Zenner Group
Blockchain Timestamping & immutability layer

Asvin (2).png