Creating a smoother advertising ecosystem

Today’s advertising ecosystem is complex, has an ever-growing list of supply chain middlemen and an immense amount of ad fraud. AdHash has created a secure privacy-focused platform in which first-party ad serving is possible. Instead of using many different intermediaries, advertisers and publishers host a simple software on their server, next to the other ad solutions. This enables them to transact directly through a bidder and collect data straight from the source, bypassing the middlemen and giving them complete control of their data. Blockchain is used to provide a public record of all ads ever served and advertisers paying for them. The team has several years of experience in the AdTech space and has built up two advertising platforms since 2014, reaching 500+ corporate clients.

AdHash (2).png

Incorporation SUI & BUL
Founders Martin Stoev, Adriana Taseva & Damyan Stanchev
Other investors Confidential
Blockchain Unique ad hash, timestamping & bidding smart contracts