Don’t miss the greatest gathering in Crypto Valley

Twice a year the blockchain community comes together at the greatest event in Crypto Valley, the CV Summit (formerly known as the Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley).

On 7 November 2018, the 3rd such gathering will take place at the Casino Theater in Zug, focussing on «Serious? Serious! 10 years after the financial crisis, can Blockchain lead the way?»

10 years after the Lehman Brothers collapse led to the global financial and economic crises and 9 years after the publication of Satoshi’s White paper, Erik Vorhees, CEO of Shapeshift, asked on Twitter: «Bitcoin: a digital currency with limited and known supply, no borders, and no central group controlling it. US Dollar: a digital currency with unlimited and unknown supply, border restrictions, and controlled by a banking cabal. What's in your wallet?» We are bringing together the sceptics and the believers of the blockchain technology.

The event will also be the culmination of the CV Competition for Finance. Decentralization, disruption and development of the financial sector through blockchain technology are at the center of the event.