CV Labs Incubation Program

The Starter Kit for Blockchain Entrepreneurs

We invest $125K in great startups and offer a three-month program at the heart of the Crypto Valley in exchange for equity or tokens. Startups learn from the most successful and visionary entrepreneurs, advisors and mentors in the blockchain space. We are entrepreneurs. Blockchain is our passion. What is yours?

The Program

Each program consists of six weeks of classes and workshops with experts, mentors and special guests. The startups will have an additional six weeks to work with fellow participants and members of the ecosystem at CV Labs.

The incubation program profits from synergies with CV Advisory, CV Summit, CV competition and other events attracting thought leaders and trailblazers from the global blockchain community.

The program is based on three complementary pillars:

Seed Funding:

Every blockchain startup gets $125K and access to a three-month incubation program as well as co-working space in exchange of equity and tokens.


At CV Labs, the home base of the incubation program, founders and advisors train and mentor the entrepreneurs of the future. Startups run though a six-pillar program with the following modules:

  • Vision and business model, white paper
  • Teambuilding and leadership in a decentralized world
  • Technology
  • Communications, marketing, media and pitch training
  • Legal and compliance
  • Token design, token economics and token sale


Get to know our mentors


Crypto Valley contains over 600 blockchain firms. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and interact directly with this broad community in Switzerland and the CV Labs including tenants, visiting founders, investors, politicians, journalists and many other special guests from all over the world.

Some of the most prominent names in the crypto and blockchain world were launched in Zug and are still here today including:


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