Pre-register for the CV Labs Incubation Program

Every blockchain startup worldwide can apply to the incubation program. We are agnostic to technology or industries. Amongst other factors, we look into team diversity and ecosystem quality, execution power, individual openness and the amount of ‘skin in the game’. 

Please ensure that you satisfy these must-have criteria before applying:

  • You are a startup with more than one founder or team member.
  • You don’t need to be incorporated.
  • You are open to input from others.
  • Your existing business case, MVP or prototype must be based on blockchain technology.
  • Your documentation material is complete and of high quality.
  • You or your company are the sole owner of your work, ideas or IP.
  • You have an international mindset plus a passion for growth and scaling.
  • You are willing to establish a foothold in Zug.
  • At least one founder and one co-founder/team member is able to stay in Crypto Valley during the three-month program.

Pre-register here to stay up to date