We love video storytelling, because it's awesome. We can also create amazing videos for you:

Video business card
This would be a 2 – 4-minute video that will basically introduce the company, it’s values and goals. It would be something similar to the video we are now doing for Incubation.

FAQ/Reviews/How to
This package is more variable, and it really serves your needs

Discussion package
We basically do an Interview with you. We then provide you the interview, share it on our socials  and then we can cut the longer format interview down to shorter snippets for social media and create quotes/memes out of it. If we would have a copy writer, we can also transcribe the interview into a blogpost.

Event coverage
Simple as it sounds. We cover and event for the client. Either just video or videos and photos – depends on your budget.

Content creation training
We can teach the companies how to vlog and how to tell a story, includes a simple editing class too.