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Our Investment Approach

Blockchain technology, in conjunction with other technologies such as AI or IoT, will drive the next wave of technology companies. We are committed to find the most promising entrepreneurs working on game-changing business ideas using blockchain as underlying technology. Blockchain, AI and IoT are all heralding a paradigm shift in technology. They are designed to enable machines to communicate among themselves and to perform a wide variety of tasks in a largely automated manner. These technologies will impact our lifes deeply and place increased demands on transparency and security. We believe blockchain will act as the catalyst tying all these technologies together.

To achieve this, we take a three-pillared approach to investment targets:

  • Seed investments (coupled with a three-month incubator program)
  • Early-stage investments
  • Growth investments


We are technology and industry agnostic. Amongst other factors, we look into team diversity and ecosystem quality, execution power, individual openness and the amount of each player’s ‘skin in the game’. 

Starting with our first Hub in Zug, founders from all over the world can apply for a three-month incubation program in the heart of Crypto Valley.


The incubation program is based on six pillars:

  • Vision and business model, white paper
  • Teambuilding and leadership in a decentralized world
  • Technology
  • Communications, marketing, media and pitch training
  • Legal and compliance
  • Token design, token economics and token sale


Per batch, we invest up to $125K in in exchange for equity or tokens in each participating startup. Participants will learn from high-level mentors, blockchain pioneers, successful entrepreneurs and visionaries of the crypto and blockchain world. At CV Labs, successful entrepreneurs train and mentor entrepreneurs of the future. 

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