CV VC Investment Company: Frequently Asked Questions

What does CV VC do?

CV VC is a next generation investment company with a focus on blockchain. The company will invest into all stages of crypto and blockchain development, including incubation and growth capital. In addition, CV VC operates its own ecosystem including advisory, coworking space, startup competitions, industry summits and has strong ties to Swiss politics and institutions.

What is CV VC’s vision?
With its integrated investment approach, combining funding, incubation and a co-working in the center of the most developed blockchain ecosystem, CV VC unlocks the potential of early stage startups and advances the blockchain space.
Who stands behind CV VC?
Marco Bumbacher (Chairman), Ralf Glabischnig (Board Member) and Mathias Ruch (CEO, Board Member), the three founders of Lakeside Partners, initiated the new company, holding 100 percent of the shares of the beginning. During the preferred private placement, select investors joined the project. Among these Co-Founders are Lorenz Furrer, Olaf Hannemann, Daniel Grossen, Christian Jaag and Alex Wassmer.
Why did Lakeside Partners launch CV VC?

After wave one (blockchain-enthusiasts in their twenties), wave two (business savvy private investors from the US and Asia) and wave three (corporates wanting to tap into the space), wave four has arrived in the Valley: ‘serious people, serious business and serious money’. This phase ushers in a new era of professionalization and high-quality projects. It is the start signal for Lakeside Partners to launch the extensive investment activities on a global scale, based out of Zug, Switzerland, in the heart of the Crypto Valley.

What is the difference between CV VC and other venture capital firms?

CV VC does not only invest in blockchain companies, it maintains its own ecosystem (events, advisory, coworking space) which increases the deal flow, expands the network and creates a basis for going global. CV VC invests across all stages of company growth. This offers possibilities for follow up investments. The company is based at the heart of the crypto valley in Zug, profiting from a clear regulatory framework and natural deal flow. Unlike other VCs, the company has a 100% focus on investments in the blockchain/crypto space and an experienced in-house advisory unit. Furthermore, the mentors of our incubation program are mostly from the startup world – with real startup experience.

Is CV VC open for public investors?

CV VC is a private investment company. If CV VC will be open for other investors in the future remains to be decided.

Will CV VC issue its own token?

There are several use cases for a token within the CV VC ecosystem and many of them are an option in the future, but not a necessary condition for the development of CV VC. The investment company is financed through private placements.

Does CV VC have a FINMA authorization?

As a private company investing in startups, CV VC does not need an authorization by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). In the event of a public placement or a token issue in the future, CV VC will fulfil all the relevant regulatory requirements and, if necessary, apply for FINMA authorization.

What is the benefit of a multi-pillar strategy, investing in different categories along the startup life cycle?

We invest in a very young industry. We want to accompany the startups during different stages of growth. With different pillars (early stage / pre-ICO / post-ICO) we also diversify the risks.

Who is in the investment committee?
The investment committee will comprise of the senior most members of CVVC: For the incubation program these will include the CEO, the Head of our Incubator, the CIO and a Strategic Advisor with strong technical expertise. For the growth investments, the CEO, the CIO, the CFO and a Strategic Advisor with strong technical expertise. There will be a strict division of decision making between the investment process and our advisory function.